Coin Specifications

Category: Modern Commemoratives (1982-Date)
Mint: Philadelphia
Mintage: 92,510
Obverse Designer: Donna Weaver
Reverse Designer: John Mercanti
Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 26.7300g
ASW: 0.7734oz
Melt Value: $12.02 (4/10/2020)
Diameter: 38.1mm
Edge: Reeded
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2004 P EDISON S$1 MS obverse 2004 P EDISON S$1 MS reverse
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Description & Analysis

Thomas Alva Edison was known in his own time as “The Wizard of Menlo Park,” a reference to the location of his New Jersey laboratory where so many of his inventions were created. With little formal education, but with a brilliant and inquisitive mind and boundless perseverance, Edison used the trial and error method to come up with countless products that revolutionized both the home and office. Most famous of these were the phonograph in 1877 and the electric light bulb, which Edison perfected in 1879. This silver dollar was issued on the 125th anniversary of this latter invention, which is featured so prominently in its design.

Congress authorized the coining of up to 500,000 silver dollars in commemoration of Edison and his achievements. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this coin were to be divided equally between the following institutions for their continued maintenance: the Hall of Electrical History, the Edison Plaza Museum, the Edison Birthplace Association, the Edison Winter Home and Museum, the Edison Institute, the Edison Memorial Tower, the National Park Service and the Port Huron, Michigan Museum of Arts and History.

U. S. Mint Sculptor-Engraver Donna Weaver designed the obverse of this silver dollar, which shows a facing, half-length portrait of Edison in his laboratory holding an early version of his light bulb. The inventor’s name in full appears at right, with the date of coining below it. Weaver’s initials are placed to left of Edison’s elbow at eight o’clock, while the coin’s mintmark is seen near the border at four o’clock. Statutory mottoes complete this side.

The incandescent light bulb in its finished, 1879 form dominates the reverse of this coin, which was prepared by John Mercanti of the U. S. Mint. A series of arcs form a halo around the bulb to suggest its brilliance, and the inscription “125th ANNIVERSARY OF THE LIGHT BULB is arranged around this halo. The dual dates of commemoration and coining flank the base of the bulb at left and right, respectively. Mercanti’s initials appear above the latter date, while the balance of this coin is comprised entirely of statutory legends.

The Philadelphia Mint struck both the proof and uncirculated editions of this silver dollar. Offered from February 11 through December 30 of 2004, sales were satisfying when compared to most issues of the late 1990s. As is common with USA commemorative coins, proofs outsold uncirculated pieces by more than three-to-one.


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2004 P EDISON S$1 MS
Base $ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 30.00 35.00 80.00

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Total Graded: 2849
Low Grade: 66
Average Grade: 69
High Grade: 70

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NGC CENSUS DETAIL Last Updated: 4/7/2020 2004 P EDISON S$1 MS

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NGC Registry Score 2004 P EDISON S$1 MS
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Grade: MS 70
Points: 381
Owner: asdfgh
Grade: MS 70
Points: 381
Owner: Backdraft237
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