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Merchant Tokens - Rulau

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1853 MOBILE M-ALA-2 AL MS 1860 MOBILE M-ALA-9 AL MS (1860) MOBILE M-ALA-19 AL MS 1860 MOBILE M-ALA-19 AL MS (1850's) SACRAMENTO R-CALIF-110B ON $2.5 CA MS (1856-57) SACRAMENTO M-CALIF-1B CA MS 1854-60 SAN FRANCISCO M-CALIF-6 CA MS 1854-60 SAN FRANCISCO M-CALIF-6C, GILT/BRONZE CA M (1840'S) BRISTOL M-CONN-2 CT MS (1850'S) BRISTOL R-CONN-190 CT MS 1852 NORWICH M-CONN-27.5 CT MS 1856 BELVIDERE M-ILL-1B, SILVERED IL MS 1856 BELVIDERE M-ILL-2 IL MS (1860) POLITICAL DEWITT-AL-1860-73B, CN 19mm MS (1850'S) BELVIDERE M-ILL-3 IL MS (1853-57) CHICAGO M-ILL-4 IL MS (1853-57) CHICAGO M-ILL-5 IL MS (1853-57) CHICAGO M-ILL-7 IL MS (1850'S) SAVANNAH M-GA-7, REEDED EDGE GA MS (1850'S) SAVANNAH M-GA-7, PLAIN EDGE GA MS (1860) CHICAGO M-ILL-7C IL MS 1846 CHICAGO M-ILL-8M IL MS 1846 CHICAGO R-ILL-100 IL MS 1845 CHICAGO M-ILL-12 HAMILTON & WHITE IL MS (1848-52) CHICAGO M-ILL-14 IL MS (1848-52) CHICAGO M-ILL-15, PLAIN EDGE IL MS (1848-52) CHICAGO M-ILL-16, PLAIN EDGE IL MS (1859) CHICAGO M-ILL-40 IL MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-343B PA MS 1850 JEFFERSON M-KY-36 KY MS (1850's) LOUISVILLE M-KY-7 KY MS (1850's) LOUISVILLE M-KY-8, SILVERED COPPER KY MS (1850's) LOUISVILLE M-KY-9 KY MS (1855) LOUISVILLE M-KY-19 KY MS UNDATED LOUISVILLE M-KY-23A, BRASS KY MS 1858 LOUISVILLE M-KY-26 KY MS (1850's) LOUISVILLE M-KY-34 KY MS (1853-56) N. ORLEANS M-LA-2, ALBERT AND TRICOU LA (1853-58) N. ORLEANS M-LA-10 LA MS (1853-58) N. ORLEANS M-LA-11, REEDED EDGE LA MS (1853-58) N. ORLEANS M-LA-11B, REEDED EDGE LA MS (1851-53) N. ORLEANS M-LA-14B, REEDED EDGE LA MS (1851-53) N. ORLEANS M-LA-15 LA MS (1851-53) N. ORLEANS M-LA-15A, PLAIN EDGE LA MS (1849-58) N. ORLEANS M-LA-20A, PLAIN EDGE LA MS (1858-61) N. ORLEANS M-LA-21 LA MS (1849-50) N. ORLEANS M-LA-24C, GERMAN SILVER LA MS (1847-49) N. ORLEANS M-LA-26, CHAS. C. GAINES LA M 1851 NEW ORLEANS M-LA-28, BRONZE LA MS (1851-59) N. ORLEANS M-LA-33 LA MS (1851-59) N. ORLEANS M-LA-34 LA MS (1851-59) N. ORLEANS M-LA-35 LA MS (1851-59) N. ORLEANS M-LA-36 LA MS (1859-60) N. ORLEANS M-LA-38A LA MS (1859-60) N. ORLEANS M-LA-38B SILVERED BRASS LA MS (1858-60) N. ORLEANS M-LA-42 LA MS (1849) N. ORLEANS M-LA-45, TATOUT BROTHERS LA MS (1849-59) N. ORLEANS M-LA-51 C. YALE JR. & CO. LA (1850'S) BATH R-ME-2P ON 1840 1C ME MS (1859) WATERFORD R-ME-5 ME MS PRE-1860 BALTIMORE R-MD-500, JAMES AULICK MD MS (1847) BALTIMORE M-MD-78 MD MS (1856-60) BALTIMORE R-MD-83 MD MS (1856-60) BALTIMORE R-MD-85B MD MS (1859-61) BALTIMORE M-MD-86B MD MS (1857-61) BALTIMORE R-MD-86L ON 1780 2 REALES MD M (1851) BALTIMORE M-MD-150A MD MS (1845-46) BALTIMORE M-MD-159 MD MS (1850's) BOSTON M-MASS-20 MA MS (1850's) BOSTON M-MASS-25 MA MS (1850's) BOSTON M-MASS-25A, BRONZE MA MS (1845-48) BOSTON M-MASS-721A MA MS (1861) BOSTON M-MASS-71 MA MS UNDATED BOSTON M-MASS-83 MA MS (1858-64) BOSTON M-MASS-89 MA MS (1861) BOSTON M-MASS-90 MA MS (1859-60) LOWELL R-MASS-622 MA MS 1851 SPRINGFLD M-MASS-129 MA MS 1851 SPRINGFLD M-MASS-130 MA MS (1850's) DETROIT M-MICH-2 MI MS (1850's) DETROIT M-MICH-3 MI MS (1850's) DETROIT M-MICH-3C, SILVERED BRASS MI MS (1850's) GRAND RPDS M-MICH-8 MI MS (1848-54) GRAND RPDS M-MICH-10 MI MS (1848-54) GRAND RPDS M-MICH-11 MI MS (1850's) VICKSBURG M-MISS-3 MS MS (1850's) VICKSBURG M-MISS-4 MS MS (1850's) VICKSBURG M-MISS-4A MS MS (1852) INDEPNDNCE M-MO-40 MO MS UNDATED ST. LOUIS M-MO-6B MO MS 1850 ST. LOUIS M-MO-21 MO MS 1850 ST. LOUIS M-MO-21A MO MS 1850 ST. LOUIS M-MO-21B MO MS 1850 ST. LOUIS M-MO-22A, AR/BRASS MO MS (1860) ST. LOUIS M-MO-8 MO MS (1860) ST. LOUIS M-MO-10 MO MS (1850's) ST. LOUIS M-MO-12B, GILT/BRONZE MO MS (1850's) ST. LOUIS M-MO-17 MO MS (1850's) ST. LOUIS M-MO-24 MO MS (1850's) ST. LOUIS M-MO-25A MO MS (1850's) ST. LOUIS M-MO-29B MO MS (1850's) ST. LOUIS M-MO-30 MO MS (1850's) ST. LOUIS M-MO-34 MO MS (1853-54) WESTON M-MO-41 MO MS (c.1857) EXETER R-NH-166, GOODWIN'S NH MS (1857-60) PITTSFIELD R-NH-106 NH MS (1857-60) PITTSFIELD R-NH-107A NH MS 1852 GLASSBORO M-NJ-16, S.A. WHITNEY NJ MS 1852 GLASSBORO M-NJ-17 NJ MS (1859) NEWARK M-NJ-27 NJ MS (1850's) NEWARK R-NJ-116 ZEH & HAHNEMANN NJ MS (1850's) ALBANY M-NY-530 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-223 NY MS (1840's) NEW YORK M-NY-24A, STEPHENSON'S NY MS (1857) ELMIRA R-NY-2025F NY MS (1853) HUDSON M-NY-30 NY MS (1853) HUDSON M-NY-31 NY MS (1853) NEW YORK M-NY-31 NY MS UNDATED LOCKPORT R-NY-2029 NY MS 1847 NEW YORK M-NY-42 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-69B NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-70 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-71 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-72 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-72B NY MS (1844-45) NEW YORK M-NY-75 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-79F NY MS (1860-62) NEW YORK R-NY-82L, BRONZE NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-145 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-146 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-147 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-150 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-150A NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-151 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-152A NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-154 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-155 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-156 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-156B NY MS 1859 NEW YORK M-NY-180 NY MS 1859 NEW YORK M-NY-182 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-175 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-178 NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-183 NY MS 1861 NEW YORK M-NY-172 NY MS (1850'S) NEW YORK M-NY-209 NY MS (1850-53) NEW YORK M-NY-224 NY MS (1850-53) NEW YORK M-NY-224B NY MS (1850-53) NEW YORK M-NY-224D NY MS 1869 NEW YORK M-NY-234 NY MS (1850'S) NEW YORK M-NY-252 NY MS 1853 NEW YORK M-NY-263A, GILT NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-276 NY MS 1859 NEW YORK M-NY-2050 NY MS 1859 NEW YORK M-NY-2052 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-2054 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-2054A NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-2054B NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-2053B NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-302 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-312 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-316 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-319 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-326 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-357 NY MS (1847-48) NEW YORK M-NY-359A, AR/BRASS NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-379 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-380A NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-384 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-385 NY MS (C1860) NEW YORK M-NY-385C NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-393 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-396 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-397 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-397A NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-398 NY MS 1852 NEW YORK M-NY-400 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-418 NY MS (1850'S) NEW YORK M-NY-423 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-426 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-428 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-429 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-458 NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-473A, COPPER NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-465 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-466A, REEDED EDGE NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-467 NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-474A NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-475 NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-475A NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-478 NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-478B NY MS (1858) NEW YORK M-NY-488 NY MS (1858) NEW YORK M-NY-488A NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-491A NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-491B NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-491C NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-491D, SILVERED NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-491E, GERMAN SILVER NY MS 1858 NEW YORK M-NY-492A NY MS 1858 NEW YORK M-NY-493A NY MS (1858) NEW YORK M-NY-495F, WM NY MS 1858 NEW YORK M-NY-495 NY MS 1858 NEW YORK M-NY-495C, WM NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-498 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-500 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-501 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-502 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-503 NY MS (1856) NEW YORK M-NY-505 NY MS (1856) NEW YORK M-NY-506 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-507 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-508 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-510 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-510B, GILT NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-515A, REEDED EDGE NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-516 NY MS (1850'S) NEW YORK M-NY-516A, PLAIN EDGE NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-517 NY MS 1852 NEW YORK M-NY-573 NY MS 1852 NEW YORK M-NY-574A NY MS (1848-51) NEW YORK M-NY-582A NY MS (1848-51) NEW YORK M-NY-582B NY MS (1847-50) NEW YORK M-NY-645A NY MS (1850'S) NEW YORK M-NY-656 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-657 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-663 NY MS (1859) NEW YORK M-NY-667 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-758 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-760 NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-687 NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-689 NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-697 NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-700 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-731 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-731A, REEDED EDGE NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-732 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-750 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-751 NY MS 1859 NEW YORK M-NY-762A NY MS (1855) NEW YORK M-NY-803 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-817 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-818A, GILT NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-818, GILT NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-820, GILT NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-820C, GILT NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-820E NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-820F NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-820G, WM NY MS (1853-61) NEW YORK M-NY-814 NY MS (1859-61) NEW YORK M-NY-826G, BRASS NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-833 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-834 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-835 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-837 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-839A NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-840A NY MS (1859-62) NEW YORK M-NY-850 NY MS (1859-62) NEW YORK M-NY-856 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-861 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-863 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-865A, COPPER NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-913A NY MS (1844-45) NEW YORK M-NY-890 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-889G NY MS (1850-58) NEW YORK M-NY-900 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-945 NY MS UNDATED NEW YORK M-NY-945A NY MS 1853 NEW YORK M-NY-948 NY MS 1853 NEW YORK M-NY-948A NY MS 1853 NEW YORK M-NY-949 NY MS 1853 NEW YORK M-NY-949A NY MS (1860) NEW YORK M-NY-951 NY MS (1850's) NEW YORK M-NY-955A NY MS 1857 NEW YORK M-NY-964 NY MS (1858-60) NEW YORK M-NY-966 NY MS (1858-60) NEW YORK M-NY-968 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-969 NY MS 1860 NEW YORK M-NY-997 NY MS (1854) NEW YORK M-NY-1004, ON 2 REALES NY MS 1860 OSWEGO M-NY-1007 NY MS 1860 OSWEGO M-NY-1008 NY MS 1860 OSWEGO M-NY-1009 NY MS 1860 OSWEGO M-NY-1010 NY MS UNDATED ROCHESTER R-NY-2149A NY MS (1845-55) ROCHESTER M-NY-1018 NY MS (1845-55) ROCHESTER M-NY-1019 NY MS (1845-55) ROCHESTER M-NY-1021 NY MS (1850's) SARATOGA R-NY-1024 NY MS (1853-54) SYRACUSE R-NY-1027G NY MS (1853-54) SYRACUSE R-NY-1027P NY MS (1850's) SYRACUSE M-NY-1028 NY MS (1850's) SYRACUSE M-NY-1029A, REEDED EDGE NY MS (1850's) SYRACUSE M-NY-1029 NY MS (1860) SYRACUSE M-NY-1034 NY MS (1850's) TROY M-NY-1051 NY MS (1858-60) UTICA M-NY-1064A NY MS (1855) WINDSOR M-NY-1068 NY MS (c.1850) CINCINNATI M-OHIO-7 OH MS (c.1851) CINCINNATI M-OHIO-8 OH MS (c.1851) CINCINNATI M-OHIO-9 OH MS (c.1851) CINCINNATI M-OHIO-10 OH MS (1851) CINCINNATI M-OHIO-10G OH MS (1857) CINCINNATI M-OHIO-72 OH MS (c.1858) CINCINNATI M-OHIO-11 OH MS 1845 ERIE M-PA-A3 PA MS (1847-48) PHILA M-PA-8 PA MS (1847-48) PHILA M-PA-8B PA MS (1847-48) PHILA M-PA-19 PA MS (1847-48) PHILA M-PA-19A PA MS (1847-48) PHILA M-PA-21 PA MS (1858-60) PHILA M-PA-28 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-29 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-30 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-31 PA MS (1858) PHILA M-PA-A53 PA MS (1850-58) PHILA M-PA-54A, "1" PA MS (1850-58) PHILA M-PA-56, "5" PA MS (1850-58) PHILA M-PA-57, "10" PA MS (1848-51) PHILA M-PA-59 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-88 1/2 PA MS 1859 PHILA M-PA-89 PA MS 1859 PHILA M-PA-89A PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-90 PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-90A PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-90B PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-90D PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-90E PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-90F PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-90G PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-99 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-101 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-102 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-102A PA MS (1843-44) PHILA M-PA-102 1/2 PA MS (1858) PHILA M-PA-126 PA MS (1844) PHILA M-PA-127 PA MS (1844) PHILA M-PA-128 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-129 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-130 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-131 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-132 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-133 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-134 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-135 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-135A, SILVERED/WM PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-136 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-137 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-138 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-139 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-140 PA MS 1857 PHILA M-PA-141 PA MS 1860 PHILA R-PA-780 PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-780A, BRASS PA MS (1847-50) PHILA M-PA-171B PA MS (1846-48) PHILA M-PA-191 PA MS (1846-48) PHILA M-PA-192, PLAIN EDGE PA MS (1858-59) PHILA M-PA-195 PA MS (1858-59) PHILA M-PA-195A PA MS (1858-59) PHILA M-PA-196A PA MS (1854-57) PHILA M-PA-197A PA MS (1854-57) PHILA M-PA-197B PA MS UNDATED PHILA R-PA-205.5 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-211 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-212 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-212A PA MS (c.1859) PHILA M-PA-214 PA MS (c.1859) PHILA M-PA-215 PA MS (c.1859) PHILA M-PA-215A PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-217 PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-218 PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-222A, BRONZE PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-222B, SILVER PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-222C, GERMAN SILVER PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-224 PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-225 PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-226 PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-228 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-228F PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-228G PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-228H PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-229 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-229A PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-230 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-230A PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-230B PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-230C, GERMAN SILVER PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-230D PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-230E PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-230F PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-230H, SILVERED PA MS (1851) PHILA M-PA-234, PLAIN EDGE PA MS (1851) PHILA M-PA-234, REEDED EDGE PA MS (1851) PHILA M-PA-235 PA MS (1851) PHILA M-PA-235A, GILT/COPPER PA MS (1855) PHILA M-PA-237B, COPPER PA MS (1849-50) PHILA M-PA-238 PA MS (1849-50) PHILA M-PA-238C PA MS (c.1858) PHILA M-PA-262Aa PA MS (1857) PHILA M-PA-263N PA MS (1858) PHILA M-PA-263P PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-263Q, BRASS PA MS (C1858) PHILA M-PA-263R, COPPER PA MS (1854-57) PHILA M-PA-327 PA MS (1854-57) PHILA M-PA-328 PA MS (1854-57) PHILA M-PA-329A PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-330 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-331 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-332, THIN PLANCHET PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-333 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-334 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-335 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-336M PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-339, THIN PLANCHET PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-340 PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-342 PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-344M PA MS (c.1860) PHILA M-PA-344N PA MS (1859) PHILA M-PA-348 PA MS (1859) PHILA M-PA-349, PLAIN EDGE PA MS (1859) PHILA M-PA-349A, REEDED EDGE PA MS (1859) PHILA M-PA-350 PA MS (1859) PHILA M-PA-350B, COPPER-NICKEL PA MS (1859) PHILA M-PA-351 PA MS (1859) PHILA M-PA-351A PA MS (1859) PHILA M-PA-352 PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-353 PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-354 PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-355 PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-355A, REEDED EDGE PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-356B, SILVER PA MS UNDATED PHILA R-PA-763 PA MS 1855 PHILA M-PA-367 PA MS 1855 PHILA M-PA-367A PA MS (1858-60) PHILA M-PA-370A PA MS (1858-60) PHILA M-PA-370B PA MS (1858-60) PHILA M-PA-370C, COPPER PA MS (1855-60) PHILA M-PA-379 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-379A, COPPER-NICKEL PA MS (1858-60) PHILA M-PA-382 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-390A PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-390 PA MS (1844) PHILA M-PA-416 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-416A, AR/BRASS PA MS (1853) PHILA M-PA-417 PA MS (1853) PHILA M-PA-418 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-419, PLAIN EDGE PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-420 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-420A PA MS (1845) PHILA M-PA-423 PA MS (1845) PHILA M-PA-424 PA MS (1845) PHILA M-PA-424A PA MS (1845) PHILA M-PA-425 PA MS (1846-50) PHILA M-PA-427 PA MS (1859) PHILA M-PA-422 PA MS (1858) PHILA M-PA-421A PA MS (1858) PHILA M-PA-421B PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-431 PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-432 PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-433 PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-434 PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-435 PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-436 PA MS (1857) PHILA M-PA-437 PA MS (1857) PHILA M-PA-469 PA MS (1857) PHILA M-PA-470 PA MS (1857) PHILA M-PA-471 PA MS (1857) PHILA M-PA-472 PA MS (1857) PHILA M-PA-473 PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-475 PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-476 PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-476A PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-477 PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-477A PA MS (1850's) PHILA M-PA-478 PA MS (1846-52) PHILA M-PA-480A PA MS (1845-57) PHILA M-PA-481 PA MS (1850'S) PHILA M-PA-482 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-489 PA MS UNDATED PHILA M-PA-A489 PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-504 PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-504A PA MS 1860 PHILA M-PA-505 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-507 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-509 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-510 PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-511A PA MS (1860) PHILA M-PA-511B PA MS (1862-66) PHILA M-PA-512 PA MS (1849-60) PHILA M-PA-501C, STRUCK ON 1/2R PA MS (1850'S) PHILA M-PA-587 PA MS (1850'S) PHILA M-PA-588B PA MS (1876) PHILA M-PA-588B PA MS (1876) PHILA M-PA-588 1/2 PA MS (1841-55) PHILA R-PA-731 PA MS (1845-47) PITTSBURGH M-PA-590 PA MS UNDATED PITTSBURGH M-PA-591 PA MS (1850) CHARLESTON M-SC-3 SC MS 1846 CHARLESTON M-SC-7A, BRONZE SC MS 1846 CHARLESTON M-SC-8A SC MS 1846 CHARLESTON M-SC-10, BRONZE SC MS (1850's) MEMPHIS M-TENN-11 TN MS (1850's) MEMPHIS M-TENN-12 TN MS (1850's) MEMPHIS M-TENN-13 TN MS (1850's) MEMPHIS M-TENN-25 TN MS (1859-60) MEMPHIS R-TENN-102 TN MS (1852-53) NASHVILLE M-TENN-55 TN MS 1859 ALEXANDRIA R-VA-103 VA MS 1860 LYNCHBURG M-VA-5 VA MS (1851) NORFOLK M-VA-6 VA MS UNDATED PETERSBURG M-VA-14 VA MS (1850's) PETERSBURG M-VA-18 VA MS (1850's) PETERSBURG M-VA-20 VA MS (1850's) PETERSBURG M-VA-24 VA MS 1859 ROANOKE M-VA-225A, BRONZE VA MS (1850's) MILWAUKEE M-WIS-1 WI MS 1850 MILWAUKEE M-WIS-3 WI MS (1850's) RACINE M-WIS-10 WI MS (1850's) RACINE M-WIS-12 WI MS (1850's) RACINE M-WIS-14 WI MS (1860's) RACINE M-WIS-15 WI MS 1846 BRASS R-Y4 TOKEN MS 1863-DATED BRASS R-Y3E TOKEN MS (1853-58) CTSP R-Z2N MS UNDATED R-Z5 CTSP MS (1854) R-Z73M CTSP MS UNDATED R-Z149 CTSP MS (C1853) R-Z99A CTSP MS (1850'S) NEW YORK M-NY-507 NY MS UNDATED UTICA M-NY-1061A NY MS

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NGC Auction Central Disclaimer

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