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Braided Hair Cents
1852 1C MS

Grade: MS 67 BN
Points: 3009
Owner: Electric Peak Collection
Grade: MS 64 BN
Points: 802
Owner: Robert Baker Trust
Grade: AU Details
Points: 176
Owner: B.L. Birdy
Grade: MS 66 RB
Points: 2495
Owner: RClark
Grade: MS 62 BN
Points: 754
Owner: njf
Grade: XF 40 BN
Points: 143
Owner: Michael C Jones
Grade: MS 66 BN
Points: 1609
Owner: Treeman
Grade: XF 45 BN
Points: 336
Owner: The Gator Collection
Grade: XF Details
Points: 72
Owner: Robert Baker Trust
Grade: MS 65 BN
Points: 1393
Owner: The BRG Collection
Grade: AU Details
Points: 212
Owner: McBlzr
Grade: VF Details
Points: 53
Owner: SPHansen

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