NGC Cert #
NGC Description
1886 CYPRUS 1P
NGC Grade
VF 35 BN
NGC Standard Brown

Copper Coins Notice: Coins made of copper, bronze, brass or are copper-plated can change over time. Accordingly, with regard to copper, bronze, brass or copper-plated coins graded by NGC, the grade portion will no longer apply after the 10 year anniversary of their date of encapsulation by NGC. This coin was encapsulated on 11/5/2019 and the grade guarantee will expire on 11/5/2029. If the grade guarantee has not expired, it may be extended by submitting the coin under NGC's ReHolder service tier. If the grade guarantee has expired, the coin will be treated as a raw (ungraded) submission if resubmitted to NGC.

If the information displayed above is incorrect or does not match the coin you are verifying, or if you believe that you have a counterfeit or tampered NGC holder, please contact To learn more about counterfeit or tampered NGC holders, click here.

*Population in Higher Grades calculation

Population in Higher Grades reflects the number of coins in the NGC Census population report in higher numeric grades and strike characters. For example, the Population in Higher Grades for a coin graded MS 67 BN would reflect the population for MS 67 RB and MS 67 RD (since these are higher strike characters) as well as all the population for higher numeric grades. Likewise, if a coin is graded MS 70 PL, the Population in the Higher Grades would reflect the population for MS 70 DPL (is any).

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