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Have to agree, had one 1986 s Silver Eagle graded PF70 by NGC... I busted the slab and submitted the coin to PCGS and it was returned PF69... I cannot tell the difference so I do not know how the graders could be off by one VERY important point... I am talking a couple of thousand dollars in difference


PF 70 is PERFECT. Cracking the slab, transporting, etc. could have left a very, very minor mark that lowered the grade by 1 point.

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On ‎7‎/‎1‎/‎2007 at 6:09 PM, DirtyGoldMan said:

Excellent post, Bob. My only argument would be with all of the schlock that the TPGs do holder (AT'ed stuff, dip-n-strip specials, etc.), it seems to be rather capricious and unjustifiable not to slab a true collector coin, with a barely perceptible scratch. They could just as easily net grade the coin, as ANACS did. Without a lot of work, we could no doubt come up with pictures of coins with scratches that are much more readily apparent (ie. it does not take two years to find them) that are holdered.


Therefore, I am not arguing against your points, which are well-taken, but against the inconsistency here and ATS.

This is an excellent post, but my issue is that if it took that long to see the scratch, how bad could it be that it could not be graded and slabbed? I have a hard time with NGC and PCGS using for example "AU Details" as a bail out to grade a coin. A hard gash or imprinting on the coin I get, but a scratch that is barely obvious, sorry but that's a cop out. That's what happens to coins that have been circulated. The coin should have been graded and slabbed. 

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