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Very nice Idhair!


I was born in Wisconsin so I couldn't pass on this one:






and I just liked the look of this one:





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Nice ones Lee, and I really like that last one. That color is striking and such an interesting piece itself.


All of these are nice, this should be an interesting post.


Winston, (glad I didn't) now that I see yours, beautiful Norse pieces.


Here is one celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Establishment of a Permanent National Capitol. Issued in 1950. Nothing spectacular just interesting I thought.







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1973 Boy Scout Jamboree medal from Longs Peak Council. Skylab was launched in 1973 and the third and final mission to the station (Nov 1973) was commanded by Gerald Carr and Eagle Scout that was born in Denver.





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1776-1976 Bicentennial tokens found in First Day Covers


Samuel Adams/Patrick Henry & Committies of Correspondence



George Washington & Sons of Liberty



Paul Revere & Lexington/Concord

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I'm not a huge medal collector, but this one of my two best pieces. This Washington before Boston medal was struck from the original dies. The Continental Congress awarded a gold medal to George Washington after his forces fortified Dorchester Heights and forced the British to abandon their occupation of Boston.


It was not a great military victory because the British evacuation was a great strategic move for them. They would regroup in Canada and come back to attack the Continental Army with a vengeance in the New York City area. But for the Americans at the time, the evaluation of Boston provided an important psychological boost.


Washington would have to wait until 1790 to get his gold medal. The French, who were the greatest medalists of the period, stuck the gold medal, perhaps five pieces in silver and a limited number of copies in bronze. This is one of the bronze medals, which was struck from the original dies.


For years it was said that fewer than 10 of these bronze medals existed. Then some more popped up. George Fuld and Russell Rulau estimated that there were 20 to 30 of these pieces known. I’d say there might be a few more than that, but not many more.


Many copies of this medal have been made over the years. The U.S. mint still offers one, which is a bit smaller, as part of their stock and trade. Still this a very important piece and one of the highlights of my collection.

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The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York City








Hey Rey, Gosh, I had to go to St. John The Divine for art class when I was in college. What a Cathedral. Is that medal Gold? Where did you find it?

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Unfortunately it is not gold, I believe it is probably bronze but I am not sure. Here is a picture that better depicts it's true color in natural light. The entire obverse is the more gold color in the right field, the reddish tint shouldn't be there. The picture above was taken in the evening in my office under low light.


I am not sure where it originated or when we acquired it, it was part of our collection. It is about the size of a half dollar, a little thinner. You probably know all about the Cathedral but here are some tid bits of history I found on it while looking into this medal. I have not researched the piece enough to determine specifics on it though.


It is the mother church of the Episcopal Diocese of New York and the seat of its Bishop. Originally chartered in 1873. Designed after a contest between 68 architects. 1956 Martin Luther King preaches for the second anniversary of Brown versus Board of Education. In 1954 The Great Organ expands from 5000 to 8035 pipes. The state trumpets are placed 500 feet from the organ console. 1974 Duke Ellington's funeral attended by 12,500 Mourners. 1976 Ravi Shankar performs an all night concert of Ragas. Big Bird and the Muppets pay tribute to creator Jim Henson at his services. 1993 Memorial services for Dizzie Gillespie. 1997, 14,000 attend service for Princess Diana. 2001 hundreds spontaneously take refuge at the Cathedral following the attacks.





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