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The Collectors Society provides functionality to allow logged-in members to send email messages to other members.


All messages are filtered through our servers. Thus, the recipient of the message will get an email noting the public name of the sender, but no direct contact information. The recipient will be able to reply by clicking on a "reply" link in the email that leads them back to a form on the CS. Through this system, no user ever needs to provide an actual email address to another user.


To send an email message to another Collectors Society member, log in and enter the public name of the Collectors Society member in the 'Find Members' search tool found in the left margin of the screen and click 'Go'.


contact other members1.JPG



If you entered the full correct public name in the previous step, you will see the homepage for that user where you can click 'Send Message' to access the messaging screen.


contact other members2.JPG



Additionally, if you wish to NOT receive messages through the Collectors Society, you may turn this feature off.


Select 'Edit My Account' from your Control Panel


edit my account.JPG



Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Account screen, click the button in front of 'No, I don't want to be emailed' and click 'Submit'



contact other members4.JPG

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