20th Anniversary Silver Eagle Pops?

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I'm a new guy, have been studying the posts a lot. I have a question that I don't find covered, so will ask it here. Hopefully, someone can answer it.


Knowing how the sets have to arrive at NGC, in un-opened boxes to recieve the Anniversary label, and assuming a lot of sets were sent into NGC opened, or just the Reverse proofs were sent in by themselves, I don't understand the latest POP reports:

Reverse PF - 28,285

Regular PF - 26,150

MS - 28,828


It seems to me there would be more Reverse Proofs graded than MS ones, or am I missing something?


Thanks for the help!

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No. The latest figures from NGC show that there are 28,828 2006W S$1 20th Anniversary graded MS. They also have showing 2006W Eagle S$1 Early Release MS Eagles, which is the Burnished one I believe. Knowing a lot of sets were graded that were opened, the only coin to always get the 20th Anniversary labe would be the Reverse Proof, so to me there should be more of them than the MS.

Does this help?

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NGC will call the Reverse Proof 20th Anniversary since it only came in the sets. The 2006-W Mint States came in two different sets and they are not broken out on the population report. This accounts for the numbers.

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