WYNTK: Main Coin Designs in US History

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The main point of this thread is in the attached PDF file (hidden up there just above this message, next to the date, is a link that says "Attachment"). It shows a timeline of the first through current US coin designs along with when Mints were open, the Mint Directors, and US Presidents. It does not include minor type changes (e.g. Lincoln VDB, Lincoln steel, St. Gaudens high relief, Peace dollar high relief, composition changes) due to clarity and space constraints. It also does not include coin legislation nor commemorative coins, again due to clarity and space constraints.


I have endeavored to provide the most accurate information (compiled mainly from the Red Book and Coin World's annual guide, along with the US Mint's website) in a graphical format that is easily readable ... which is why it is attached as a PDF file since the type is so small. To read it, you will need to magnify it considerably within your favorite PDF-viewing program. It is not suitable for printing unless you print it on extra-large paper, again due to the small type necessary.


Because of the vector-based file format and its ability to be scaled to any size, I included a very faint copyright notice on it. Please don't hack the document, remove the notice, and then try to sell it.


I hope you find it useful. hi.gif


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I agree that this is very helpful in seeing the big picture of US coins. I've saved it for future reference. Have you thought about having this made into a laminated poster for sale?

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Thanks for the accolades. The reason I put it together is that I had been meaning to for a long time, and I finally just sat down and did it. Some might remember I posted a slightly different version of it last September/October. I had it on my To Do list to update and add to it, and since I'm now on Spring Break, I just decided to get it done.


TJ - It briefly crossed my mind to print it up and sell it, but I wouldn't really know where to begin, and since places like Kinkos are extremely expensive (they're like $10/sq-ft), I would want people to place orders before I printed, which is never a reliable business model.


Bruce - It's fine with me if you'd like to print it out jumbo-size, as long as you don't mind the watermark. You would probably need to let your printer know to expand it since it thinks it's on an 8.5"x11" piece of paper now. Or you'd need to render (rasterize, I think is the right word) it at whatever poster-size you wanted and then print it.

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