misattributted coins.

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hey arch, I have several really cool coins that NGC attributted wrong. so what service do I use to get them in the proper holder?


what's even better they were submitted (I appears anyway) at the same time and booted it twice. and there the same exact coin!!!



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NGC will review a coin for its designation/attribution under the Designation Review service. The cost is $10 per coin and the turaround is about 5 business days from the day it is received at NGC.


You can use Designation Review if you are looking for a review of designations like (but not limited to) PF, BN, RB, RD, PL, FBL, FH, Cameo, Ultra Cameo, Star, etc.


Designation Review is also for the review or addition of Variety attributions like Overton #s, VAM #s, Redbook varieties, etc.


Important Note:

Coins submitted for Designation Review must be submitted in their NGC holders. Do not remove the coin from its holder.

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In that case, the coin would first have to crossover and if it was given the wrong designation by the other service, it would be corrected when crossed. Feel free to submit a note with the coin explaining your opinion.


If the NGC coin is a misatrributed variety, pattern, proof/mint state error, or mechanical error, there is NO CHARGE to correct the label. Subjective designations such as cameo, FB, FH, PL, etc are always charged the designation review fee.

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