Follow the lead picture post.
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For those that wish, this is how it works.


To start it off, post a pic of any commemorative half or any coin dated 1936.


Let's say next someone post an image of a 1936 Washington quarter. You would now need to post a pic of the same type coin (a Washington quarter) or anything dated 1936.


Let's see some cool coins. smile.gif



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Looks like we got a runaway high jacked thread. insane.gif


Here is an another for my 1943 War Era Set. The image is accurate and what do you call the orange peel texture?


White one:


Toned one:






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The same way we went from a 54 dime to a 43 quarter sumo.gif





I didn't see that but all I know is I didn't screw up acclaim.gif


So now does some one want to post a dime or 1947 dated coin to get us back on track?

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