What You Need to Know: Thoughts on the US Type Set
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First time poster. Long time collector, but very tiny consumer - no high rollers here...... ;-)


I just have one thing to add. I also started out with the Dansco type album, but kinda lost interest due to its restrictive design, like a lot of other posters have said. I started digging around, and came across what I consider the ideal solution, from a strictly collecting versatility point of view. I ordered a number of display trays, each one containing three rows of six square "holes", housed in a tray with a glass covered top. Each tray is about 3/4" thick, all together, and 8 x 14.5" width x length. The trays only cost me about $4 or $5 each.


This setup allows me to mix and match pieces in any way I want, with raw coins, 2x2 holders or capsules such as the Airtite brand. Given a little time, raw silver coins tone beautifully, and each square "hole" can hold more than one coin, if desired. For example, I have two sets of three coins side by side in two openings - WW II Australian sixpenses minted at Melbourne, Denver and San Francisco next to Mercury dimes minted at Phillie, Denver and Frisco. All 6 coins were in the xf range, and look really good together, not to mention the historical implications. 1945-S and 1946-S BU dimes in Airtites in the same opening, 1955-S penny and dime in Airtites in the same opening, raw 1917 type 1 and 2 SLQs in the same opening, etc.


I've since gotten carried away, and opened the whole up considerably, for example with WW I coins from all of the major combatants (such as a German one mark coin from each of the 6 Imperial mints).


Lets me play however I want. Mad scientist is fun......... ;-)


My goal is tempered by many of the same pilosophies stated above. As a person of limited means and a late start, to boot.....My goal may never be completed. My "Type" set is a bit atypical. I am seeking examples of different US coins that have dates that correspond to famous dates in U.S. History. My first will likely be an 1803 example for the Louisiana Purchase. My set will stop at the modern era that features Presidential Designs, as they don't appeal to me as much as the Indian and Liberty motiffs. Certain dates may end up with more than one example to accomadate more than one desired type. Some will be for events, some popular lore, some technological or social advances. I t will be a very loose discipline with no real rules other than to get a nice looking coin. Some of the early dates may end up with cleaned examples....to save some money. My biggest problem will be coming up with an attractive method of display/ storage. I have several now and some will have some intrinsic connection between the event and the denomination.....for example, the invention of the Telephone (1876) will have a dime, quarter, and half to represent the different costs for a phone call throughout my life. It should be fun. GOD BLESS...


-jimbo(a friend of jesus) (thumbs u

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