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Re: 1913S Buffalo

If that's a partial doubling of just the top of the 3 in 1913, here's the back-story... after-after-shock from the great earthquake of '06. Sound plausible? This is one spectacular gem with a touch of desirable amber toning.

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2 hours ago, Lem E said:

You are posting some gorgeous buffaloes. Excellent.

Thank you for saying.  I haven’t been around for a long time so I have a lot of new additions.  That 16 up there is a proof 65.  The 15-d I purchased from my good friend, Andy @ Angel Dee’s as many of my buffalo nickels are.

Thank you again.  

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2 minutes ago, Buffalo Head said:

This is a 66 Star from NGC our host here.  All pics are my own macro photography.



The pics are superb my friend. I have got to get a better camera. 

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