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On 8/12/2019 at 4:18 AM, NancyDerekson said:

I have at home whole wanding station, that is my hobby. Moreover, I have a collection of ancient coints. I accidetally found your site, next time I will share my coins with you.  Besides, I can offer dissertation results writing help for students from all over the world.  

I have a mobile station, which is not my hobby creation. I have an ancient collection. I did not find this site by affection, and I could help students from all over the world, but my brain is knurled......

P.S. this Gin & Tonic is Supersonic...

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26 minutes ago, Wheelndeal said:

I snagged a 1921-D Mercury Dime off of eBay for $23. The seller listed it as AG-3, which I agree with. I couldn't see the D in the original pictures, so I was a little bit skeptical, but it turned out alright.


Hello, this lil Mercury Dime Looks AG to be as well to me with decent date, Collar/Boarder converging with date fields and worn on highest part of relief almost to Smmooth! Nice Key Date, low montage, better mint mark slightly! Coin is Very Sought after as it is one of only key dates in the mercury silver US dime! It is .900 silver in purity! Main supply of these came from a very famous NYC hoard! These were melted n destroyed by large numbers, hense the survival rate plumited. Always a beauty to see in any genuine condition. Nice Find and or addition to your or any numismatist collection! Very Cool Pre-WWII Pre-Depression stock market crash, pre-prohabition era Silver Dime! A sign of the times in one of its rarest forms, MM, Montages, in yours condition photos posted, I believe it's(yours) is genuine in typical as found condition., However weigh it and see "wheight speaks volumes"!

Sincerely, Capone1929

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I tried to put it in black & white, I’ll send higher definition when I can, but I couldn’t believe everyone’s non-reaction when I tried to show this the first time, but now I do. I need a better picture, but this 1916 is better than anything I’ve seen graded and the only flaw is the doubling on in God We Trust and the date. Otherwise, it’s never been touched.. I’ll try to take a better picture, but I put it black & white I guess for comparison.





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Better pic
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