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Very attractive 1944-S! (thumbs u


Here's a 1955 set I picked up in Long Beach last week. The P Jeffersons were soaking in acetone at the time of imaging. Cell phone pix.









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Nice busties Jom! Love 'em.


Great NEWP Grey Soldier.


+1 (thumbs u


Nice addition Sy. (thumbs u

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Nice coins all!!


(thumbs u



Normally I like a little color on my coins but, in this instance, changed my mind.








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Thant's one pretty Iowa, leeg ~ here is some more color for you...







Very Nice!!!



(thumbs u

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Blast White!!! Leeg you should send that back before it infects your toners. HaHa


I am concerned about that.



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This one came in the mail today from the Legend Auction. The coin doesn't have a mark on it and the color is pretty (although I wish it had a bit more of it)!






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Just got my recent eBay purchase from This thread here .

Better in hand than I expected, and my (iphone) pics below do the coin

no justice in terms of color or luster.


the coin is 100% toned on both sides and it is GLOWING with every twist of light!









2 ebay purchases I just got from GreatToning. The name 'great toning' is not just a gimmick; I bought from him many times and the coins always meet (and often exceed) my expectations. Beautiful color on both sides of both of these coins. I don't get to buy many foreign coins at all, but once in a while I'll get one or two.. Just a couple of quick shots with my iphone.


First one is a Mexico 1813Mo JJ 8 Reale, NGC XF45:







And the second one is a 1967 Canada dollar, graded PCGS PL66.

This coin sold for $253 in a teletrade auction in Oct 09'. I was able to win it for a little less on eBay.












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1926-D SLQ with a typical D-mint strike. (I think they used the same dies for all 1.7 million coins struck! (probably not, but all seem to have the same characteristics and die cracks)




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Moving right along, I see.


I picked this coin up in an NGC 58 holder from my friend's

Heritage consignment a few months back - I won the coin

as I thought it was MS - and paid decent money for it.


I cracked the coin out - submitted it ATS - and got this back:



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