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FH, you may have been suffering for the last decade, but you had terrific teams to root for in the 1980s and 1990s. I am not complaining with my lot since I am a lifelong Giants fan and though I had to put up with miserable teams from birth until about 1980, it has been largely a good ride since then.

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Can't stand the G-men! My dad was a Jets fan & a BIG John Riggins fan. After Riggo went to the Skins my dad still kept track of Riggins. I was very young at the time & wasn't really aware of being loyal to a team and since Riggo was a favorite of mine as well AND I liked the Redskins uniforms better than the ugly green of the Jets I converted. That's how a born & raised Brooklynite became a Washington Redskins fan :)


Well at least my Vikings got a win last night!! :banana:


A Redskins fan in Brooklyn,

a Vikings fan in Virginia,

What is this world coming to?

(wait a minute, was that a haiku??) lol


I was born and raised in Minnesota so I will always be a vikings fan.....had season tickets

in 2000 & 2001. I only moved to Virginia because I married a Virginia girl!! See what

happens when you are in the Navy!! :/

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I guess I can't really complain too much Tom. The organization was great during the 80's and early 90's. They had great (underrated) defensive teams, a big offensive line which dominated (although by todays standards the Hogs actually look small or average at best) and a mack truck of a running back. The organization went downhill after the sale of the team by the Cooke family.

And Jaime, I never served in the Navy, but my grandfather served in the Navy as well as my uncle (his son). If you look at my photo, right forearm, I have a tattoo of a hula girl, which is the same tattoo my grandfather had. He got it when he was in the service and stationed in Hawaii. After he passed, I got the same tattoo as a tribute to him

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Family trip to Flagstaff Aizona.

We hiked the Grand Canyon to the first water stop....about 1.5 miles.

Wupatki Indian ruins was our next exploration.

On Sunday it snowed heavily as we made our way home. The kids loved it: me? not so much. Freeway driving at 15 miles an hour drives me nuts :o





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I have to share this picture my 13 year old daughter created. She draw and colors the aliens then photoshops the picture.







Incredible. She should look for internships with Pixar/Disney when she gets a little older. Have you thought about sending her to a magnet high school with majors? I attended a governor's school where students fulfilled all of the state requirements for an advanced diploma in addition to a major in one of several arts or technology. The school was competitive in both the major and academically in other areas as well (e.g. social science, science, mathematics, etc.).

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Man, the sky is so blue. We used to have sky like that in California a long time ago.


Wasn't that about the time the first mammoth walked into the La Brea Tar Pits?




You should know, weren't you diapers then? lol


P.S. I only tell you this because I know that you can take a joke. :hi:

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