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This site was set up to help PCGS and NGC Registry users improve their sets.


Only Members of either NGC or PCGS qualify for access onto the trading rooms. And other sites at my discretion.

Tradingslabs is a private Trading site.


Unlike Ebay or other commercial sites tradingslabs will bounce any questionable users.


This may mean a few innocent people get kicked off the board, but tradingslabs was designed to be fun.


You cannot have fun trading coins if you cannot trust your trading partner.


Members are required to maintain 100% feedback or membership is revoked. There is a feedback forum that you are required to post to when you complete a trade. And a new Reputation system to also help others members view a quick feedback.



This site is for TRADING slabs the way we used to trade marbles and cards when we were young. So log in, tell everyone what you have to trade and see what offers you get!

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