1904 double eagle grading 64 and 64+
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I am just continuing to work on my personal grading skills before advancing to again buying more expensive coins at some point that are not already graded. So these two were graded in the same lot and the second one earned a +. In my very amateur opinion though, the 64 actually looks better and the 64+ seems to have more distracting marks. 

My understanding is the coins are reviewed by at least two graders, so does anyone have an eye to discern why the 64+ earned that over the 64?

Thanks again for sharing your experience!!





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I am new at this grading but I would say it is the wear on the hair not the face that makes the 64+ the better hair is my guess.

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Posted (edited)

I think both coins are awesome, yes they both have the marks I like :) the 64 has bigger marks, which I'm pretty sure that off color from said marks just a smidge, here and there, well and it's a huge mark, obverse right field, would lower the luster.

Add what Woods and CoinBuf said :)

Just my opinion of course, the other has way smaller marks= less luster removed, eye appeal 100% on both.

I like the 64 more cause said marks, that's just me thou, well and to me that's artwork.

Awesome coins :)

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The 64 has some surface residue. The 64+ appears to have a more consistent look in the fields. Over all, not a big difference between the two. 

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