Small date or large date or both??
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If you take a look at the 2nd pic you posted, the top is a small date and the bottom is a large date. You can tell by the difference in the 2 and the 8 in the date. The one with the white mark on it is also a small date. You can use this to check the others. As far as worth, these are common cents worth face value. 

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Just now, Blake marie said:

So what’s all the fuss about 1982/83 small date? Lol

There are a scant amount of 1982 Denver small date coins that were struck on a copper planchet instead of a zinc planchet. 1982 was a transition year when they changed the composition of the planchets from copper to zinc. There are 1982 cents struck on both. The 82 D small date was only supposed to be struck on a zinc planchet. There are a handful that were struck on copper planchets. Those are extremely hard to find and that is the one everyone wants. 

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If you are treasure hunting, and not just filling slots on the varieties which I assume, then you want to look for this. 

1982 D cent 
Small Date
Copper weighing 3.11 grams vs zinc weighing 2.5 grams 

It has to be ALL of the above to be anything special 

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