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Patman54 , do you attend the PAN coin show at monroeville convention center ? I haven’t went to that show for about 3 years , if there’s a coin I’m really looking for I go to show see if anyone has it ... most of dealers are good people there were a few a haggle with hard to get coin I wanted and how much I was willing to spend on coin ... I remember 1 dealer he was really stubborn on price of Buffalo nickel I wanted we were back and forth for 2 days on price finally is was Sunday I gave him an offer he replied NO I told him “hold on a second” looked over my shoulder then looked back at him he looked puzzled I said I thought there was a long line people behind me waiting to buy that coin from you eventually he laughed and folded in ... So to say maybe sometimes the dealers ain’t comfortable dealing with people until they get to know them but most of them are down to earth folks 

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Those would be worth a fortune.

I have a genuine California gold piece. I should have it graded. I have a weird thing about slabs. The coins go from a hobby to a commodity. That’s just my feeling.

Here is mine. Said to be 1 of 5 know . Well here’s 2 of them




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