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8 minutes ago, Woods020 said:

Another one I recently read. Kind of a two part question to get to the answer. 

This engraver was responsible for engraving the shortest circulated coin design in the U.S.  

Braided hair half cent.  Christian Gobrecht  

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10 hours ago, RWB said:

Sorry, I was not clear. Key was an Assistant Engraver - that was his title. I the mid-1870s William Barber often designated Charles as Acting Engraver when he was on vacation or not at the Mint. Director Linderman suggested that Key be given this 'honor' - largely because he had never had the chance and was clearly not up to making coin and medal designs. There was no meaningful authority to "Acting Engraver" - Key merely signed a few letters or instructed the diesinkers.

There were three "engraver" titles in use from 1876 to Linderman's death: Engraver of the United States Mint at Philadelphia ("Engraver"); Assistant Engraver of the Philadelphia Mint ("Assistant Engraver"); and Special Engraver to the United States Mint ("Special Engraver"). The last mentioned was a Mint HQ title given to George Morgan in 1876 with the intention of placing him on the same technical and authority level as the Engraver (W. Barber). It's worth noting that Engraver of the United States Mint at Philadelphia required a Presidential appointment and Senate confirmation; it was a lifetime appointment. Tthe others were merely administrative appointments.


PS: There was no official title called "Chief Engraver."

is that also true for Second Engraver (John Reich).......

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27 minutes ago, Moxie15 said:

William Barber 20 cent piece

Two for two! Yes sir. I actually was perusing the mega red book recently and read this little tidbit. 

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