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Hello all!  I'm new to the site, but not new to numismatics.  I recently joined the ANA's YN program, and was able to redeem a free membership with the NGC. A friend recently found this coin in circulation, and has some questions that I cannot answer, and thought I would ask all of you.  This 1999 penny appears to be double-stuck, and also looks like it was flipped over for one of the strikes.  Its difficult to see in the picture, but you can see some of lincoln on the reverse, and can clearly see it say "UNITED" right below lincoln on the obverse.  In the 5th picture I have included, you can see a second rim from one of the strikes.  

His question was first off, what exactly IS this error, what do you think it is worth, and if he were to send it in to NGC, what grade do you think it would receive, and what would the value be?  Would sending it to NCS help?  Thank you for helping us out!
Cheers, NM








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44 minutes ago, l.cutler said:

Looks like a vise job, another coin was squeezed into it in a vise or hit with a hammer.  Just damage. Keep looking and studying, coin collecting is a great hobby!

But how does that explain the second rim?  That is a raised line, not an indentation.

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