Please confirm if this is a Doubled Die
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Hello to all. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these trying times. I know I’ve posted several pics of what I thought may be a doubled die.  I’ve been a little busy the last several weeks but I finally got back into Cent Searching and found this one tonight. If this is not a TRUE DD then I simply don’t now what I’m looking for.....LOL. There are no angular “shelfs” and the doubling is truly rounded. Hopefully you can tell from the picture. I will try to take better pics and post if anyone thinks this is a DD. Thank you!



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One other thing. I am still learning but in all of my research I have not found a DD of this nature on this year coin. It’s a 1984 P Cent. All I’ve ever seen on this year cent is the doubling of the ear.

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I agree with DDD.

Notice how the "doubling" is flowing towards the rim on IN GOD and the LIB in LIBERTY. Also there is a Ridge Ring starting to form, all signs of DDD.

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In response to your email, I have tried to put together a grass roots explanation of the difference between a Doubled Die and Die Deterioration without going into too much detail. I tried to find a photo that was similar to yours for comparison. (WDDO-002)

As you probably know, a DD is produced somewhere during the hubbing process when there was a slight misalignment during the strikes. This is imbedded into the die and does not change throughout the run. As you can see in the photo, the DD shows a serif at the edges where the two strikes were slightly misaligned.

On a DDD which as the name implies is caused by the dies wearing out, the flow of the metal runs over the edge of the worn die towards the rim causing what appears to be a doubling of the image but is not as sharp nor has any serifs.

I'm sure someone could probably explain it better or have something to add but this will give you a general idea.

!955 DD.jpg

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