? About the 1955 wheat penny
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Hi. I found this beautiful 1955 wheat penny and I also have a roll of all new 1955 P wheat pennies that I haven’t touched. 

Do the 1955 P wheat pennies have any errors or is it just the 1955 no mint mark? 
Can you see an error on this wheat penny?



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A 1955 penny without mint mark is from the Philadelphia Mint. This is why I hate it when coin catalogs and dealer labels refer to coins without mint marks as "-P"; it confuses the issue, making life harder for new collectors. Had they used a P mint mark in 1955, your coin would have one. So, by my logic, there is no such thing as a roll of 1955-P pennies--just a roll of 1955 pennies. With very few previous exceptions, they didn't start using a P mint mark until, what was it, the late 1970s or early 1980s?

Nice obverse, by the way. Unlikely to be worth much, but appealing.

The big enchilada for 1955 is the double die. This isn't one. Another poster did just post what looks like it might be an authentic one, in case you'd like to see what to look for. If you find one in that roll, please be sure not to inflict a multi-hundred-dollar thumbprint on it.

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