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Big group of  98 ChBU Wheat Cent rolls for sale. Selling one or all. A couple in late 30's, lots of 40's and early 50's. Mostly tubed, no OBW's, a few in paper wraps.  Mostly full red but a few rolls have nice toning.  USPS Postal MO, or PayPal no-fee or add 3%. USPS First Class Package for 1-2 rolls, Medium FRB for larger groups. Can ship up to 48 rolls safely (double-boxed) in a Medium FRB.

List includes:
1x 38-S ChBU 275
1x 39-S ChBU 170
2x 41-P ChBU 95 ea
1x 41-S ChBU 175
1x 41-S AvgBU 175 SOLD
1x 42-P AvgBU 65 SOLD
2x 42-P ChBU 73 ea
2x 42-D ChBU 95 ea
1x 42-S ChBU 325
6x 43-D ChBU 135 ea
2x 43-D AvgBU 120 ea SOLD
2x 43-S ChBU 220 ea
2x 43-S AvgBU 195 ea SOLD
3x 44-D ChBU 33 ea
2x 44-D Paper Wrapper 33 ea
3x 44-D AvgBU 29 ea SOLD
4x 44-S ChBU 68 ea
1x 44-S AvgBU 60 SOLD
9x 45-D ChBU 45 ea
2x 45-D AvgBU 40 ea SOLD
9x 45-S ChBU mostly light shellcase toning 40 ea
5x 46-D ChBU 25 ea
4x 46-D AvgBU 22 ea SOLD
11x 46-S ChBU shellcase toning 185 ea
3x 46-S AvgBU 165 ea SOLD
10x 47-D ChBU 30 ea
1x 47-D AvgBU 27
4x 47-S ChBU 125 ea
2x 48-S ChBU 105 ea
5x 49-S ChBU 80 ea
2x 50-D ChBU 34 ea
1x 50-S ChBU 47
4x 51-D ChBU 20 ea
1x 51-D AvgBU 18 SOLD
2x 51-S ChBU 48 ea
1x 52-S ChBU 180
1x 53-S ChBU 25
1x 54-D ChBU 15
20x 55-S GemBU selected for good luster and minimal marks 30 ea SOLD
6x 55-S AvgBU 14 ea SOLD
1x 56-D ChBU 7
1x 57-D ChBU 7
20x ChBU 58-D with old tape seals, nice light toning 10 ea SOLD

PM me any questions about the specific rolls you're interested in.

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286 posts

List updated to reflect SOLD and currently available rolls

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