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The most common question we seem to see here:  "is this one of the valuable double die Lincoln coins?"  In every single case, the answer is "no".  More senior members can chime in if they ever recall an actual DDO coin posted here found from pocket change but I do not recall a single example.

There are technically dozens of double die Lincoln's but only two that (most) collectors care about, the 1955 DDO1 and the 1969 S DDO1.  You would know instantly if you had one of these coins as they will make you blink and question if your vision is blurred for a moment.  I have attached pictures of each.  Please compare your coins to these pictures to help you identify whether you have a real example (and it would be fun for all if you really did find one).  Note in both cases, the Liberty doubling is very obvious. 

Here is a resource that may be helpful for those interested in the more obscure DDO examples:

Here is a resource with examples of double die (real deal) vs. machine doubling (novelty without value):

1955 DDO1.jpg

1969 S DDO1.jpg

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