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I decided to change things up a bit and wait until the results came back from NGC before I posted them here for the guess the grade. So we have 6 coins in total with grades ll over the board. As always, feel free to submit your guesses. If you think the coin has issues (i.e. cleaned, scratched, damaged, whizzed, etc) and warranted a details grade feel free to state so. 

1. 1694 England Farthing 


2. 1694 England Pattern Farthing (P-623A) Silver 


3. 1771 Great Britain Halfpenny 


4. 1694 England Halfpenny 


5.1799 Great Britain Soho Bronzed Pattern Halfpenny P-1234


6. 1805 Ireland Penny 




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Well, not exactly in my wheelhouse, but they're so cool I can't resist.



3-63 BR


5-65 BR

6-65 BR


PS- Thanks for the great give-away !

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Almost forgot about this.



3. AU

4. XF

5. I can't tell from the pictures if it has a bit of rub on the high points, but I am going to give it the benefit of the doubt - MS64

6. MS65, although I am wondering where the luster went.

Great looking coins!

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Wow, the last few days have been so crazy I forgot it! I suppose enough time has passed. 

  1. NGC gave this one a VF-30 BN grade. I graded it at a 35 when I first purchased it but I like it better in the 30 holder. The coin suits the grade well. 
  2. This came back as PF-35 which is fair but I had originally graded it as a 40. This is a scarce piece with only 5 graded at NGC so I am just pleased to have it! 
  3. I had originally graded this as an MS-63 BN. I struggled with this coin because the reverse is a solid 64 but the obverse is more along the lines of a 62. I have no issue with it in a 62 holder. 
  4. This one caught me off guard. I had graded it as an Xf-40. It appears NGC agreed it is an XF, but rim damage yielded it in a details holder. I did not catch the damage before I submitted but looking at it I understand why it was given a details grade. 
  5. Unfortunately this coin is damaged. The obverse has two noticeable scratches. One protruding from the forehead and another across his neck. I submitted this coin because I wanted it to be protected from further damage. If it were not for the scratches I believe this coin is a solid PF-65 BN. 
  6. Out of the entire submission, this is the only coin that came back exactly as I had expected. NGC graded this as an MS-63 BN. It’s a very strong strike with somewhat subdued luster but overall a very nice coin. 
  7. As usual, this has been a learning process. It gave me a swift reminder that there is more to a coin than just the obverse and reverse. Overall I’m happy with the results and I look forward to my next submission. 

Thank you thebeav and Bob for playing along!

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