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I inherited a German Thaler and I was hoping I could get some help from someone that specializes in German Thalers. Mainly, I'm trying to find the best way to grade, value and possibly sell this coin if it's worth anything. I have a rough estimate in my head, but that's base on limited information I've found.

Is there anyone out there who knows the best way for me to go about this process?

Here's the information I've found so far on it:

hat particular coin says Object Type: coin, Denomination: taler, Material: Silver, Date: 1623
Dynasty: Welf (line)
Authority: Holy Roman Empire
Authority: Bishopric of Minden
Authority: Principality of Lüneburg
Region: Lower Saxony
Portrait: Christian the Older

I believe it was based on this fellow here: Duke of Brunwick

Any insight as to the best way to get a value, etc. would be greatly appreciated!!



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Not a Thaler specialist, by any means, but your coin may be one of these.

From my 'Standard Catalog of German Coins', krause pub. 1994, pages 200-201

I had a difficult time trying to scan as the coin is at the binding on both pages. Hopefully some of this is visible.

Scan of page 200-







The obverse and reverse legends seem to match photos 1 and 2, while the portrait seems more like number 3 or 4......


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