Best online site to buy Ancients?
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6 hours ago, EmiCoins said:

Do any other Ancient collectors know where to buy coins online? My coin shop doesn’t carry them :frown:.

I know an Ebay vendor that is locally well respected, if that would help: Failla Numismatics. It's a father/son team near me that I usually see at coin shows but do not have a B&M presence.

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Hi Emi,

Jonathan's recommendation of Failla Numismatics is a good one.  I would also recommend VCoins.  It's kind of an online coin mall with a lot of sellers from around the world.  They have a pretty robust ancients presence.  I've actually purchased many of my ancients from sellers there and I've always been pleased:

I hope that this helps


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1 minute ago, LINCOLNMAN said:

I can't vouch for them as far as ancients go, but I've had good results buying European medals from MA Shops. They do carry many ancients.  VCoins is another source that I've used. 

I've made one ancients purchase from MA Shops, a nice Faustina the Younger denarius.  It's a nice coin.  MA Shops is a good venue as well.  Good suggestion Lincolnman!

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