1900-O/CC Morgan Dollar
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Bob, still doing my Grandma’s coins & this one caught my eye because it has all the marks that match the 17 in existence of Morgans. The O has a C to the left & bottom right & the nine in the date has the exact mark. Idk if you’ve heard of these but they are rare. Can I get your opinion please? I’m sorry for picture quality, but I’m almost positive about this one & they all sold for a good amount.


Thanks for all you do!!






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What it interesting is that the mint didn't just overpunch one reverse die. There were five different O/CC reverse dies that year, if my count is correct. (There are six VAMs - 7 - 12, but VAM7 and VAM10 share a common reverse.)


But, honestly, one would almost have to have that coin in hand to be able to see if it was re-punched, as worn as it is.

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