Is this a Double DIe, or damage?

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Hello!   I'm unsure if the 1957 D Lincoln cent pictured below has a double die on the date or if that's damage to the coin.   The rest of the face and reverse seem normal to me.  Any comments are appreciated!   I'll add more photos if needed.1957DD.thumb.JPG.3aca5a659db2e761b7eb04648396a2b7.JPG


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Hello and Welcome to the forum Eric!

Well, in looking at your coin, I think that you have a classic example of machine doubling, also known as strike doubling, on your hands.  The shelf-like nature of the doubling is a textbook indicator of this kind of doubling, which adds no value to a coin.  Here's an article from our hosts which explains the difference between machine doubling and true doubled dies:

I hope that this was of at least some help to you.


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15 minutes ago, Eric119 said:

Thank you Tom!  I too thought it was probably machine-doubling,  this one is so pronounced I wanted an extra pair of eyes to be sure.   Thank you very much for your reply!

No problem.....I'm always glad to lend a hand.  Good luck with your coin hunting!

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