1969 Penny mint error?
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Hello all

I wanted an opinion if anyone has seen this before. it looks like an error from the mint. there is no indication that it was damaged after it left the mint. It is under the D in UNITED

I just wonder if it is worth slabbing to add to my collection.


A005 - 20190522_174439.jpg

A001 - 20190522_172937.jpg

A002 - 20190522_173131.jpg

A004 - 20190522_173248.jpg

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In the first two reverse pictures, the area looks raised at first glance, but, judging by the lighting angle in all three reverse pictures, I am gong to assume it is incuse.. That makes me think it is post mint damage, although it could be a strike-through.

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I agree with Just Bob.

When I saw the first two pictures, I thought the mark was raised but looking at the third picture you can see that it is incuse so probably some sort of a small struck through. More than likely a bit of grease.

You can add it to your collection if you want until a better one comes along but this one is so small that there probably wouldn't be ant premium to it.

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Thank all, I definitely don't want to slab if it's worth 1 Cent lol  @Conder101

@Just Bob it is an incuse. I am wondering if it was like that before pressed, however, could it be a foreign object introduced while being pressed. 

I can see slight deformation on the E and D letters. In any case, I might just leave it in a fold rather than slabbing. 




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On 5/24/2019 at 11:16 PM, Dukemnm said:

@CRAWTOMATIC I am using 100 cotton gloves. I got some new ones from China I have been afraid to use because let's face it. It's China. The pad is 100% Medical grade tissue/wipe. I'll get brand names and post soon as I can. 

@CRAWTOMATIC Sorry it took so long to reply to this with brand info. here is a link for the type of gloves I am using. 


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Well, cotton fibers can be abrasive. latex or nitrile gloves are perfectly fine, I often use nitrile. It depends what I am doing with the coin or the type that I'll switch the type of glove.

If I am penny hunting I'll use the cotton gloves or coin hunting in general. I will use new gloves when handling higher grade and always by the edges and I'll use nitrile when I'm putting the coin in a protective coin holder. 

I will not let my cotton gloves get too dingy like I have seen on some Youtube videos because the dust can scratch coin. I think it's more of a preference. Maybe a more experienced collector can chime in. 


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