1905 Proof-Like Indian Head Cent
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Here is an ANACS MS63 PL Indian Head Cent.  I collect PL's, and was happy to come across this example.  These are exceedingly rare in PL for this particular series.  I believe the NGC census is somewhere around half a dozen?  Notice die polish lines on reverse.  





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Submit it raw to NGC and then you will have ONE opinion because ANACS's opinion no longer matters once you crack it out.  And if NGC doesn't call it a PL then you have NO opinions that it is PL. (and just a nice Indian)

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On 4/4/2019 at 5:19 PM, Conder101 said:

If they say so.  From the images it doesn't really look PL.  But images can be deceiving.

It's difficult to photograph PL coins, at least for me with camera phone, so yes, images are a bit deceiving.  When I received the coin, I was a bit concerned that it was mislabeled as a business strike, and not a proof; because of the mirrors around devices.  I believe they got it right though; die polish lines on the reverse- shouldn't be on proof cents?  

I haven't decided whether or not to send it in to NGC.  I might.  I have some coins down now.  The '64 Washington Qtr. for designation review- fully PL obverse, and a '70-D Washington I'm hoping for full PL designation- nice mirrors on that one.  I also p/u another Type 1 Bicentennial Eisenhower dollar graded PL by SEGS- bought very cheap through local auction.  It is comparable to my other PL dollar, so, I will eventually crack that out and send it down to NGC.  These are different topics for other threads.      

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