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What makes up the "Price" of a coin sold as listed within NGC US Auction Central?  That is: Is it composed solely of the hammer down price

or the hammer down price plus auction fees?   Several have told me the "Price" is only the hammer down cost, which one would think is correct.

Including a 20% auction fee, for example, would likely be misconstrued as the real/base value of the coin sold.  At the same time, one thinking

of selling a coin and using US Auction Central as a reference, would be mislead in thinking what the coin is worth.  

1. Hammer down price or hammer down price plus auction fees?

2. Could not find a definition for the word "Price" in US Auction Central.  Where is the definition found?


Thank you!


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Thanks for your inquiry. The prices shown in NGC Auction Central reflect hammer plus commission. The prices shown in the CoinArchives tabs are hammer only. 

We will add this explanation to our Auction Central page. 

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