So, in regards to another thread, Let's see those NGC CAC stickerd slabs!

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55 minutes ago, Coinbuf said:

Good luck on the CAC submission.  :smile:

Than you. One I'm doubtful of,  but sending it in for the eye appeal.  It's the 1888 I posted in the newly acquired post. Some disturbance on the Rev has me doubtful.  

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1 hour ago, Travis Hale said:

Are you the hall monitor? Do I need to ask for a pass?

I believe he's just pointing out basic forum etiquette & off-topic posting behavior.  It's like jumping into a conversation in real life but talking about something they're not discussing, you'll say your piece and move on with life and the others will just be wondering "what the heck was that all about?" before getting back to the original discussion.

To your coin, though, the reverse appears to be cleaned/wiped but I'm no expert or fan of Morgan dollars.  I would think if those were die polish lines only they wouldn't extend to the breast of the eagle as well so I'd pass on it.

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