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What is a "Doo-ga-loo?" you ask. Well, it is a slang name for a trade token. They were also known as Brozenes, Doodlum, or Counters, among other names. These were used in place of money at various times in the past. This particular one is from the 1950s, and was found under the cork in a metal bottle cap.The finder could redeem the token for its face value in cash. Double Cola was one of the popular issuers of these, but this particular one was under the cap of a Big 12 Cola.It is from the town of Macon, Mississippi, and is made of very thin aluminum - so thin that it can be bent quite easily. And, it is only readable from one side, like a dogtag. They were minted in 5 cent and 10 cent denominations, and this one is the former. I also included a picture of one of the bottles, from an Ebay listing.

These are the seller's pics:



s-l1600 (2).jpg




Here is the bottle:



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How cool is it that at that time, that nickel mattered. It may have gotten you another bottle of pop and maybe even a cent or two change.

We had RC Cola here in the 60's. There was a gray plastic seal on the inside top of the bottle cap. You peeled out this little seal and printed underneath was a cash amount, redeemable at the store. It may have been 2 cents, 5 or 10 cents. Maybe even a quarter ! But, at that time, it was a silver quarter.:grin:

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