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I'm looking to start selling some stuff and weighing my option.  I don't have any great need to sell, and I'm not in a hurry.  Just hoping to free up some cash for new purchases.

I've heard of Great Collections but had never been on their site until today.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a 5% commission.  I've looked all over Heritage's site but I don't see commission rates listed.  I'm guessing it depends a lot on what kind of inventory I bring to the table.  I would be a very small fish in their very large pond.  Maybe $5k total, with a dozen coins valued at $100 to $750.  All certified.  Anybody got a rough idea what their commission might be?

I've checked with local auctioneers and they range from 10-25%.  A lot of what I want to sell is rare date or older foreign stuff.  I live in a mostly rural area.  Not much market for foreign stuff here.  I feel like HA's size might be an advantage for foreign coins.

I do have one online/onsite auction house I am considering.  I've been following them for a while but have never bought anything.  Their onsite bidders always want to spend way more than me.  Which is a good thing when selling.  Most stuff goes for retail or more.  They have at least one auction a week and always draw a good crowd.  They charge 10%.  The big advantage with them is raw coins sell well too.  I was pretty sure that was the direction I was going to go.  Until I saw GC's 5%.

Of course I can use my Ebay account.  But I really don't feel like taking all the pics, dealing with all the messaging back and forth, and having to ship everything individually.  Coin Marketplace on here would have some of those same drawbacks.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any input.


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Whichever way you go I hope you post here about your experience.  I can't help much as I've only sold through the Heritage "buy from owner" program, open to any coins that you have won at Heritage.  Many collectors recommend to sell on eBay, but you have to do the work (good photos from many angles, detailed descriptions and great customer service) to improve your odds of a better outcome.  It's something I will try when I have more time to devote to it.

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