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I have pre-built several "backbone" systems of different types, and they are ready for configuring with cameras/lenses/lighting to meet end user's specific needs. Here is what I have available:

The System-1 shown on website has a high magnification objective for shooting 2D or 3D variety images, but I can configure the system for full-coin imaging with a different lens. This is my most compact system which can be configured for shooting a little larger than ASE's/ Dollars down to Trimes with full-coin lens, and 2D/3D images of doubled dies/RPMs/etc with higher magnification lens

The System-2 shown on website has a full-coin lens and also an XY table. This system can also be configured for variety detail imaging like System-1. The XY table is an option for any of the the systems.

This is my most popular system and is the easiest to use for full-coin imaging. The System-3 shown on website is configured for variety detail imaging, but most folks who have purchased these are doing full-coin imaging across the full range of coin sizes.

My largest and most complete system, with integrated XYZ stage for critical framing and focusing.

My simplest system (and most inexpensive), which can mount the camera directly to the stand for use with short macro lenses, or can use the other lens options described below.

My newest system, this copy stand-based system is compact and flexible. It can be configured for larger coins, medals, and full slabs

The most popular lens options for full-coin imaging are:
Nikon 75mm: A good budget lens with excellent performance.
Rodenstock 75mm APO-Rodagon D 1:1: A high-end lens with world-class performance, available with or without variable aperture.
Kodak 89mm Printing-Ektar: A high-end lens that is near-ideal for coins. This lens is reversible...mount it forward for full-coin imaging, or in reverse for variety detail imaging.

The most popular lens options for variety detail imaging are:
Bausch & Lomb 3.5x: A good budget objective which can be used across a wide range from 2x up to 6x
Nikon 5x Metallurgical objective: A good budget objective which can be used from 4x up to 8x
Bausch & Lomb 10x: Excellent objective for imaging small features like mintmarks
Nikon 5x and 10x Measuring objectives: Best objectives for doing 3D work

I have diffusers available for both full-coin and variety/detail lenses. Also can provide modified Jansjo lights with integrated diffusion, reversible grey/black transfer disks for white balancing and background elimination, etc.

Although the systems described above are pre-built, I can customize / accessorize them as needed to meet your specific needs.

Note that I am also starting to build systems for folks with automated Z-axis for doing focus stacking. I have done both automation to move the camera/lens up/down with coin stationary, or to keep camera/lens stationary while moving the coin up/down, using linear stepper rails. I'm exploring some new methods using voice coils to make this cheaper (and more accurate).  

Contact me by PM or via my website contact page if you have interest in any of these Systems.

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286 posts

I think the links are fixed now. Please try again.

Typical pricing for a complete system, with camera, stand, bellows, lens, and lights, is $600-$750.

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