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I've decided to offer my 2D, 3D and High Resolution work as a service. I can offer the following:

2D detail shots at magnifications up to 20x
2D animations
3D renderings from any angle up to 20x
3D animations
Full-Coin High Res images of typically 92MP (9600x9600) pixels

Slabs do not present a problem for this type of imaging, as long as they are clean and not heavily scratched.

For reference, 5x magnification fills the screen with the date and mintmark of a Lincoln Cent, while 10x mostly fills the screen with just the mintmark. I can also do 3x or 1x if a larger area is needed.

The 2D animations can be of a single coin with different lighting angles; multiple coins showing die state progressions; multiple coins showing comparison of a variety with normal coin; etc. Your imagination (and the coins to image) is the limit.

The 3D renderings require a 2D detail shot first, then perspectives are rendered from there. I can also provide web and gif animations showing 3D views while the coin is rotated.

The Full-Coin High Res images are new for me but are working out very well. You can see an example showing the obverse of a 1954-S Lincoln Cent with an "RIT" die chip:


You can see many examples of 2D and 3D shots at my website:


Pricing varies depending on the scope of the work. 2D detail shots are typically $10-15, while 3D renderings are additional $3-5 each. The High Resolution full-coin images are significantly more and are priced on individual basis. PM me with your needs.

I also offer standard full-coin imaging either in conjunction with other work or stand-alone at competitive pricing.

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