2000 D Sacajawea Error?
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So I was going through some Sacs / SBAs & came across this possible error. Not in the best shape, but I Can't find anything online. Just want to get some opinions. Thanks for looking.

Thu Aug 30 04-03-55.jpg

Fri Aug 31 23-18-39.jpg

Fri Aug 31 23-19-14.jpg



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Welcome Chuck Town! Ok the error you are referring to is known as the 2000 P Philly Minted Sacajawea Wounded eagle error! A well known modern coin error! I do not believe this to be the case and yours does not appear to be this error! Yours is Minted in Denver not Philly and the location of damage is not in the right area as the wounded eagles damage is on the lower rear of the eagles Breast and is very distinctive mark which yours is lacking! I believe you simply have a well circulated post mint damaged environmental coin! I am not an expert and others have their opinion as well! However Check the edge to see if lettering is missing then you have another known variety error and you still may have another known Genuine type error! Take care of your coins and please never clean a coin in any way at all please! I hope this helps good luck, happy hunting, and again welcome! Sincerely, Capone1929

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