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I found a coin in my mom's belonging after she passed away. It was with a bunch of other coins. It is a 2 1/2 dollar 1854. I took it to a coin shop after calling and asking what it would cost to be appraised and was told there was no cost and to come on down. When I arrived a few days later, the person asked if I was going to sell, I said no and if I did would sell on eBay. The older gentlemen in the background popped up with a hostile tone said, "we don't appraise for eBay we are in the business of buying and selling."  I didn't say I was going to sell on eBay but wasn't selling at that time. He said the coin was counterfeit because the weight is 2.3 grams instead of 4+. I want to send the coin in to have it graded and appraised but not sure what I should select to do that. Any help would be appreciated.



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Thank you for your post. The first link below explains our different membership tiers as well as an option to submit through an NGC authorized dealer. To submit to NGC you must be a paid member of our collector society or have an NGC authorized dealer submit on your behalf.  The second link below shows our different grading tiers. An 1854 $2.5 gold piece would qualify for the "Specialty Gold" tier if the fair market value is $3,000 or less. Please note that the grading fee does not include return shipping and handling. 



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