1879- S Morgan Silver Dollar

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This coin is actually graded by NGC. MS-65+ grade. However, my question to anyone who can help is about the date. If you look at the pictures, the "8" in 1879 looks to be stamped over something, possibly another "8". It could be nothing but to me it just looks different. I was wondering when this coin was graded if it might could have been missed. Looking at the bottom of the "8" hole you can see what I am talking about, then at the top hole it is full.

Thanks for any input. 

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Looks almost like that nice TONING is shadowing it and making it an optical illusion! It definitely looks doubled, but I think that is whats going on there. I'm a newbie and just an idea and observation, so don't count for much. I have a few that are like that and I keep doing a double take thinking they are possible errors, but under my loup it's a different story, VERY NICE morgan though! Capone1929

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