March 11 Coin & Currency Auction
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Yet another auction to let you all know about:
This Sunday (March 11) I will be having another World/US Coin & Currency Auction.  You may register to bid online HERE through AuctionZip.  We'll have plenty of World Coins (just added images of a bunch of 1700's and 1800's copper) including bulk silver, silver crowns, hard to find mint sets, and bulk lots of more common items.  I've also included some US coins including varieties, some recent pickups including a batch of 1970's silver art bars and 1800's love tokens, and finally some US Currency (lots of UNC consecutive Barr $1 notes.)
If you're feeling the urge to add some coins to your collection, head on over and see if there's anything that piques your interest.  All proceeds from my items will be going to help replace my car, which was totaled last weekend when I was rear-ended at a complete stop.
If there is a high-value item like the 1875 Seated Quarter or 1967 QDO Kennedy Half, I am open to offers of trades for junk silver or gold bars.  I can edit the auction (to remove an item) at any point until it receives an opening bid.
Thank you, and have a great week.  Here are some images of items in the auction:
attachFull748542 attachFull748544 attachFull748545 attachFull748546 attachFull748547 attachFull748548 
1967 SMS Kennedy Half QDO (FS-101) NGC PF66 Ultra Cameo 
(only UCAM for this variety at NGC; one other exists at PCGS as PR67DCAM)
1875 Seated Liberty Quarter MPD PCGS MS64
Pop 1/0 (none other graded at either NGC/PCGS)
1964 Washington Quarter NGC MS66+
attachFull748551 attachFull748553
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