2000 MD State Quarter Error?

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I have  a Maryland State Quarter that has no copper band around the edge. I put the coin on my postage scale and compared it to a regular Maryland State Quarter. The silver edge coin weighs 5.69 grams while the regular copper band version weighs 5.58. I was thinking nickel stock but that's still too heavy. I'm relatively new to coin collecting and I was told that it might be foreign stock. Maybe a foreign planchet got mixed in from a contracted mint job. Anybody come across one of these or help me shed some light on whats going on with this quarter?



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Too light to be on nickel stock, diameter too full and weight too high to be struck on a nickel planchet.  Weight is within mint specs for a regular quarter, (5.67 +/-  .227 grams).  It is almost certainly one of the many many tens of thousands of state quarters that were plated and sold by the TV coin shows during the 1999 - 2008 period.  They show up all the time.

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