Which Double Eagle has a different grade?

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Of the five 1889 double eagles shown below, four have the same grade while one was graded differently from the others.  Which one is different?  What are the grades?

Hint:  All coins were graded in the mint state range. 





Coin #2



Coin #3



Coin #4



Coin #5


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Well my guess is the first four coins are 62 possibly 63.  That last one probably got 65 maybe 64+, but I would say gem on the last one from what I can see in the photos

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My grades would be MS-63 for the first three coins and MS-62 for the fourth one. Coin #5 is clearly better than the previous four. From the photos, the minimum grade would be MS-64+ with good shot at MS-65. Finding any of these coins in MS-65, including the very common 1904 double eagle, is not easy. That's why I have hesitated calling it MS-65 with no reservations.

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Thanks to Kmag, Walkerfan, BillJones and Numisport for their guesses. 

For Coins #1-4, all guesses were within 1 point of the actual grade assigned by PCGS which was MS63 for Coins #1-4.  The guesses on coin #5 were way off. 

Coin #5 is very puzzling to me, PCGS gave it a grade of MS62, so it is lowest graded among the group.  This 1889 $20 has fewer marks compared with the others and the eye appeal is exceptional in my opinion. 

I think this coin is at least MS63+ or MS64, especially when you compare it to coins of this date in 63 holders.  There are no hairlines or evidence of cleaning or processing.  The surfaces have a mellow appearance with underlying luster, but not the bright monochrome look of a dripped coin.  There are a few areas of discoloration on the obverse around 12 to 1 o’clock, and a small reeding mark near the cheek that is very small by double eagle standards, however, marks of this size are common on MS65 twenties.  I captured several images of the coin and the holder, see below.  I have feeling this example will be not be in a 62 holder for long.

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On 10/29/2017 at 9:24 PM, BillJones said:

Maybe they saw a dull spot on Ms. Liberty's cheek, which would make it one of those 62/58 pieces. 

Looking at the various pictures, you might be right. This appears to be one of those AU-62 pieces. 

Which, if we're right, would make it all the more disturbing that the numismatic gods have granted it the CAC sticker! 

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