October 18 Auction (US and World Coins, Currency, and Exonumia)
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Good afternoon!
Just published the bulk of an upcoming AuctionZip/eBay/Invaluable auction on the 18th of October.  (Here is the link to register through eBay.)
In this auction we have:
*Some decent Seated Liberty Dimes
*Plenty of world coins, silver, non-silver, bulk, etc
*Plenty of Morgan/Peace Dollars
*Plenty of Encased/Never Go Broke Cents and Smashed/Elongated Cents
*A run of early UNC Australian $1 coins
*A run of Swiss UNC Commemorative 5 Franc coins
*World Crown-sized non-silver coins
*Plenty of cheap Large Cents
*A run of AU/UNC Walking Liberty Half Dollars
*A run of cheap early Commemorative Halves and Barber Quarters
*Brothel Tokens
*Bulk World Coin Lots
*Graded US Coins including two of my 1956 Franklin Proof Halves (both NGC PF68UCAM and starting at half book value) and a nice 1885 Toned Morgan NGC MS65
*Mixed UNC Lincoln Memorial Cent Rolls
*Type Coins including a 1931 S Lincoln, Shield Nickels, Half Dimes, encased Fractional Currency, and a big ol' lot of mixed world paper (which I know nothing about and might contain something interesting)
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491 posts
Hello again!
Just wanted to add an update to the October 18 online/live auction - I've added some new items (and the boss is adding new items as I type.)  You'll need to register beforehand to bid either through AuctionZip or eBay (don't be like some people and try to register with two items left in the auction...haha)
I just added: 
*Crown-sized world silver coins
*Silver Canadian Dollars raw and in OGP
*160 early 1900's Great Britain Large Cents (listed in bulk lots)
*Original BU 1958 Wheat Cent roll
*Over 30 ounces of mixed world silver (listed in bulk lots)
*Bulk group of clad UNC Canadian dollars
*Two dealer stock boxes of 100 2x2 world coins
Looks like the boss is adding some Bust/Seated coinage.  
(Note: I sincerely apologize for his photos.)
Hope to see you at the auction, and best of luck!

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