1882 Omega $3 gold counterfeit

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Here is a famous counterfeit that has been around for a long time, the 1882 $3 gold Omega fake.

I have had no luck posting the reverse of this piece. The site goes to a stand alone photo that is orphaned from the rest of the site.

I see no way to post the picture in the same message. Frustrating to say the least. The photos of the dollars that show here have nothing to do with what I have uploaded or posted.

1893-S Real.jpg

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What do you wish to know? The "Omega" $3 was first detected by F. Michael Fazzari when he worked at the ANA's Certification Service in DC.  He discovered the "Omaga" $20 fake shortly before finding this one.  The "Omega" on a $3 linked the maker to both "State-of-the-Art" (back then) counterfeits; and inspired the counterfeit column in the Numismatist magazine by Charles Hoskins - "Mr. "Omega" please write."   

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