NCS Attribution error - Again.

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I realize the graders in NCS and NGC are only human but where are the checks and balances?  Certification fees continue to go up and delays in getting coins back seem to increase. It's expensive and time consuming to return coins.  I have specialized in fractional gold for over 45 years.  Mistakes are frustrating to say the least.  Unhappy customers, returns, delays, capital tied up further, etc. when mistakes are made.  Attached is the most recent attribution goof from NCS.  Attributed as a BG-723 which is OCTAGONAL.  This coin is actually a ROUND BG-818.  Other issues I have had - cat hair on holders returned.  Hint:  Please leave your pets at home or check your shirts and blouses.  The most obvious error I had from NGC was an MS65 Cal fractional with not 1 but 2 holes through it at the top of the coin.  No details grade.  I won't even get into how NGC continues to change the landscape in fractional and token Cal gold on a regular basis - what they will and will not grade.  I have even received actual Period 2 BG fractionals returned inelligible just because they are damaged or simply because they had not graded that BG variety yet.  Many fractionals including British Columbia pieces slabbed with NO attribution at all.  It's not rocket science.  Dealers and collectors depend on companies like NGC.  Consistancy and accuracy is a must though.  My 2 cents worth if there are any ears out there. 



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