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Good morning!
Just would like to update everyone - I have a few eBay auctions ending later today.  Included are a couple consignments as well as coins of my own.  Here's a list:
*Liberty Nickel starter set w/1886
*China 1990 Proof 10 Yuan (Dragon/Phoenix)
*Nice Canada 1935 Dime (Key)
*PDS (or PD) sets of UNC Roosevelt Dimes (1946-1950)
*1946 S/S Roosevelt Dime UNC
*1947 S/D Roosevelt Dime UNC
*1970 S/S Lincoln Memorial Cents UNC
*1941 S Large S Lincoln Wheat Cents UNC
*Toned Canada 1973 silver dollar UNC
*1964 Proof Set with Accented Hair Kennedy Half
I also have a decently sized auction with lots of my own coins (as well as many consignments and another estate's coins) on AuctionZip.  It's also available for bidding through eBay, although from what I've heard the notifications/invoices don't always get sent out (that's a software issue, not a "we don't send them" issue.)
*A huge pile of Barber Coins (halves, quarters, dimes)
*TONS of silver dollars including toners, an 1890 CC and an AU 1928 Peace Dollar
*TONS of cheap world coins and tokens (selling them by the page)
*TONS of cheap Canadian mint/prooflike/proof sets
*US and World Currency
*Type Coins
*World silver (by the pile or individual nicer coins)
Swing by and register to join in the fun!

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