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I recently submitted a coin to NGC what I believed was a close match to an advertised double die error product as displayed in one of the coin.com web-sites. I was saddened ( financially)   to learn my coin did not meet the criteria to sustain the listing as I had hoped. This was a valuable lesson as a relatively new coin collector. During the pre and post submittal process the NGC sales staff provided information and guidance I truly appreciate and intend to take advantage of. 

I was wondering if could  help me determine if the snapshot (attached) of a 1917 penny I own is in your opinion consideration of a double die error grade? I searched a few recognized internet coin web-sites and feel my coin would qualify for this grade. I found a coin in particular graded by PGS in one of the web-sites that was a exact match to my coin. I am still optimistic and ask for your help or guidance to give me the confidence to submit this coin. I understand looking at a picture if different than real-time, however a secondary exam from a knowledgeable source would help in my decision making.

Any help or consideration to my inquiry would be greatly appreciated.   




Front image.JPG

Rear image.JPG

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